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All facials receive a scalp massage. During the longer facials, you will receive a hand, arm, decolletage, and facial massage.

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Radiance Express Facial $45
Suitable for everyone, the clever combination of cleanser, exfoliator, and mask allows even the busiest of people to attain a look of instant freshness. The fast effective results leave skin hydrated, soft, and radiating healthy skin. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $225

Gentlemen's Treatment $65
This treatment addresses a man's specific skin needs including prevention of ingrown hairs, soothing razor burn, and corecting the damaging results from daily shaving and environmental stresses. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $325

Vitamin E Power Treatment $65
This treatment helps to repair free radical damage, reducing transepidermal water loss for extremely dry and photo damaged skin. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $325

Acne Treatment $75
Acne Treatments are type-specific. This treatment is safe and effective with results indicating a significant reduction in inflammatory lesions. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $375

Anti-Oxidant Skin Recovery Treatment $75
This rejuvenating treatment helps repair free radical damage using antioxidant therapy to protect the lipid membrane by deflecting Reactive Oxygen Species, adverting potential cell damage. (Recommended once a month.) Online scheduling
Series of 6 $375

Cellular Hydration Treatment $75
A simple treatment packed full of antioxidants to repair and restore the skin's lipid/water barrier. A focus on cell rejuvenation used to calm imparied, dry, or dehydrated skin types. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $375

Sensative Skin Treatment $80
This treatment is for clients who are undergoing medical treatments for cancer, Accutane, are highlyl sensitive to Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's), or being treated for post-lasure or post-peel, or have damaged skin from overexposure to the sun and outside elements. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $400

Youth Firm Age Defying Treatment $80
This gentle, fast-acting, age defying peel delivers remarkable facial rejuvenation to reduce dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles up to 50% for a more youthful looking skin. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $400

Oxygen Treatment $80
This oxygen facial treatment is recommended to instantly plump fine lines and wrinkles while it brightens and improves tone and texture by infusing an oxygen rich treatment cream that brings life back into dull and aging skin. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $400

Liquid Gold O2 Facial $100
This is an Upgraded Oxygen Treatment. Combines innovative and specialized technology to assist in cellular renewal of the skin. With the use of oxygenation, powerful botanicals and essential vitamins, assisting in healthier and younger-acting skin. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $500

Power Lifting Treatment $100
Combines powerful botanicals, stem cells, and hydrators to nourish, protect, and replanish vital hydration constituents into the skin while fighting pigmentation and again. This luxurious treatment will protect your healthy skin cells while firming and toning. Online scheduling
Series of 6 $500


Full Beauty Audit, Skin Analysis, and Facial $100 (Valued at $350)
What does it include?

    1. Covers any issues that you may be having.
    2. Determines what is the best products, routine, and service to be performed.
    3. Written form of how and when to use recommended products for the issues being addressed. 

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Skin Analysis $25* (Valued at $250) 
Skin Analysis analyzes the surface and deeper layers of the skin to determine proper treatment of various skin conditions and/or problems. Aids in what the naked eye cannot detect, such as fine lines, clogged pores, sun damage, dehydration, and more. Online scheduling

Beauty Audit
Need to stop in and pick up your favorite products? Pick this! What does it include?

    1. Discuss skin concerns.
    2. Determines what is the best product(s), routine, and service(s) to be booked.
    3. Written form of how and when to use recommended product(s).

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