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In my studio, I keep a tight schedule and am currently booked a few months out. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows are detrimental to my practice and make it difficult; my time and services pay for me to keep my doors open to other clients that do keep their scheduled appointments. My business is affected in terms of both time and money; I do not get to do the job that I love; and you do not get the help or service you need.


JoAnn requires a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late or fail to provide a 24 hour notice when canceling or rescheduling, a 50% cancellation fee of your total service cost may be billed. If you no show, a 100% cancellation fee of your total service cost will be billed. Please call within 24 hours of your appointment.


If it is less than 24 hours, and you know of someone that could use the appointment time, let me know immediately. In doing so, you are respecting me and my time. If you or your referred guest no show, a 100% cancellation fee of your total service cost will be billed.